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CITI COI Training
Although UM has been among the nation’s leaders in promoting transparency in our external relationships and sponsored activities, academic institutions are being asked to comply with an increasing number of regulations in this regard, including the recently updated Public Health Service (PHS) regulations. Since we receive PHS funds, UM (and other universities) will be responsible for more disclosure and reporting than in the past. In particular, UM is now responsible for training faculty, staff, and trainees both on the nature of financial Conflicts of Interest (COIs) and on UM’s specific COI policy and procedures (recently updated to remain compliant with federal regulations).
UM is employing the CITI program to allow investigators to complete the required training efficiently and conveniently.

Users should:
  1. Before initiating UM’s conflict of interest training, users should ensure that their CITI profile information is correct, include the accuracy of their C number. Users that do not have an accurate c number will not receive credit for having completed the training.
  2. Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement.
  3. Complete the three COI modules:
Module 1 – Financial Conflict of Interest: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities, and COI Rules
Module 2 – Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators
Module 3 – Conflict of Interest Institution-Specific Policies

The Office of Research Compliance will be notified of your successful completion of the required COI training. However, you should retain a copy of the completion report for your records.

Log into the CITI program via their website at

Once logged into the CITI system, the required COI training can be accessed on your user homepage by clicking the link “Add a course or update your learner groups for the University of Miami/Jackson Health System

Once selected, you should be presented with a list of potential courses, including “Conflict of Interest Course”.

If you don’t see the course as a choice, we may have to contact the CITI help desk (305-243-7970) for assistance.


Questions on how to complete the COI training through the CITI program?

Click here for screen shots and basic instructions.

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