College of Arts & Sciences

Research and scholarship in the College Arts & Sciences covers an extremely wide range of disciplines. From artistic expression to the natural sciences, the humanities to the social sciences, the range of research topics is as diverse as the human experience. In the Physics Department, an astrophysics team tracks down microwave radiation that originated in the Big Bang. Psychology faculty dissect autism spectrum disorders and their causes while scholars in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature study the sociolinguistic, cultural and ideological aspects of Spanish in the United States. Amid this tremendous diversity of research interests, the College focuses on interdisciplinary research areas that offer especially high promise, including:

  • Complexity Science: The development of new methods to analyze and extract useful information from large sets of data with strong temporal and spatial components.
  • Migration Studies: This initiative takes advantage of the location of Miami as a currently active “melting pot” for people of various cultures and origins.
  • Understanding the Brain: A recent initiative to hire a cluster of new faculty interested in developing new scientific methods to investigate the nervous system, complementing the recently built Neuroscience Annex and the installation of the only fMRI system fully devoted to research within the University.