School of Communication

The School of Communication’s research encompasses both scholarship and creative activity. Faculty members conduct scholarly work in social science and humanities and they create videos and websites and much more. They study films and tell journalistic stories. They conduct evidence based research in journalism and media management, advertising and public relations, health communication and intercultural communication, and they write scripts, produce documentaries, create games and develop interactive media. This diversity of scholarship is often complementary in nature; research may inform creative activity, which in turn may be studied for audience response and impact; or creative activity may spark research ideas and study.

The School of Communication’s Center for Communication, Culture and Change and its doctoral program are both engaged with research that focuses on scholarship and action for positive change in people’s lives. This work will comprise the broad area of communication for social change and the more specific arena of health communication.

Interdisciplinarity and locational diversity are the hallmark of the School of Communication’s research. The faculty members’ scholarly and creative activities span across the University, community, region and world in terms of collaboration and impact.

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