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University of Miami Freezer Facility
The freezer facility is a shared resource for the University of Miamiís clinical, teaching, and research communities. The facility allows for the long-term storage of archival samples (tissue, cells, cell lines, etc.), infrequently accessed samples, and the temporary storage of freezers while laboratories are being renovated and when faculty transition to and from the University. This space is not a substitute for laboratory-based freezers and is not recommended for the storage of samples that are accessed routinely.
The Miller School of Medicineís Department of Facilities & Support Services (DFSS) maintains the Viciana warehouse and the Miller Office of Research and Innovative Medicine provides inventory and contact management. Together, the two units ensure the facility is operational, compliant with University and regulatory agencies, and provides adequate space for storage. There is no charge to use the facility, but as there is limited availability, faculty members are encouraged to carefully select samples for storage to avoid consuming excessive space with samples that have outlived their scientific usefulness.
All faculty are required to adhere to the freezer facility guidelines. Failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in equipment and samples being removed from the facility at the investigatorís and/or the departmentís expense. 
Viciana Warehouse
1636 NW 7th Ave.
Miami, FL 33125
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If you have questions about the freezer facility, contact Helene Valentine or Erik Medina
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