2017 ESRF Keynote Speaker

Anna M. Likos, M.D, MPH is currently the State Epidemiologist as well as the Interim Deputy Secretary for Health and the Incident Commander for Florida’s response to Zika Virus. She also recently retired her commissions as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard where she served as a physician ensuring that Air Force personnel were medically fit and ready for immediate deployment if required.

Dr. Likos began her medical career later in life than usual and was actually 41 years old when she entered the University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine in Oklahoma City to pursue her medical degree. Since that time, she has completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Yale, practiced as a hospitalist in Springfield Missouri, and completed her MPH as well as a second residency in Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins. Prior to coming to Florida, she worked for the CDC as an EIS Officer in the Poxvirus branch, a Medical Epidemiologist in the Influenza Branch, as the CDC Country Director in Haiti and Ivory Coast, a resident advisor for the Field Epidemiology Training Program in Morocco and as the Deputy for the African Team in the Polio Eradication Response out of CDC’s Emergency Operations Center. Two and a half years ago, she hung up her frequent flyer number and took on a new role as the State Epidemiologist and Director of the Division of Disease Control and Health Protection for the Department of Health in Tallahassee, Florida. In these short two and a half years, she has faced many challenges including recently stepping into the Deputy Secretary of Health role as well as medico-scientific challenges such as the first case of Chikungunya fever transmitted by an infected mosquito in the continental United States and our current response to the threat of Zika virus in Florida.