The Disclosure Profile System (DPS)

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The UM Conflict of Interest (COI) policy is designed to promote objectivity in research, scholarly and educational activities by establishing standards that provide a reasonable expectation that the design, conduct, and reporting of such activities will be free from bias resulting from individual financial and obligatory conflicts of interest. The policy applies to UM Investigators: all faculty, staff, trainees and students, (as well as external subcontractors/ subawardees) who could perform research and sponsored scholarly and/or educational activities, and stipulates that all “project/activity/contract team members” must complete the disclosure process before engaging in research.

The UM Office of Disclosure & COI Management (DCM) along with Research Information Technology (RIT) designed and created the Disclosure Profile System (DPS). The DPS streamlines the UM disclosure process, combining the Faculty Disclosure Form (FDF), the Financial Interest Declaration Form (FID) and the Individual Interest Disclosure Form (IID) used in the past.

All faculty and all UM community members that will be involved in research or sponsored activities are required to complete their disclosures prior to submission of a proposal/contract on which they will be a team member, or at least once a year using the DPS.

Accessing the DPS

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Questions about CaneID should be directed to the CaneID help desk.

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Completion of the DPS and the CITI training modules on conflicts of interest (COI) are both necessary to comply with Public Health Service regulations that strive to promote objectivity in research and sponsored scholarly activities. UM’s COI policy is updated to reflect federal regulations.

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