Research Reporting System (RRS)

The Research Reporting System (RRS) has recently been updated with two new reports: the Individual Compliance Report and the Project Compliance Report. These new tools allow the tracking of a study team member’s compliance status, the compliance status of a specific project, and more.

  • The Individual Compliance Report displays the status of any individual university-wide, whether he/she is compliant with the UM Conflict of Interest (COI) policy, has completed the required COI training through the CITI System and/or completed the disclosure process in The Disclosure Profile System (DPS). The Individual Compliance Report also allows the user to filter using basic information to extrapolate the C-Number of any individual at UM. This tool is designed to aid investigators in bringing individual projects into compliance.
  • The Project Compliance Report displays the status of a project and its team members, once they have been entered into the DPS by the Principal Investigator (PI) or if the Office of Research Administration has received a notice of grant award. This tool allows administrators and/or a PI to see the status of his/her project. If account opening is delayed due to COI concerns, the PI can see if any team members remain non-compliant (by displaying the same information listed above for the Individual Compliance Report) and whether each person has certified his/her membership on this project in the DPS.

The reports can be accessed by clicking twice on the links above, once to log into the RRS and the second time to access the specified report. Our office has provided a guide that contains screenshots and basic instructions for the RRS Compliance Reports.