Core Facilities & Shared Resources

A number of Core Facilities have been developed at the University of Miami, which are available to researchers and trainees. These Core Facilities allow centralized access to specialized equipment and services, providing cutting-edge technologies, reagents, and special products needed to conduct high-quality, interdisciplinary research in a cost-effective way.
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Leadership and Management – June 8, 2016, 11:00AM

Accounting – July 20, 2016, 11:00AM

Communication and Marketing – August 17, 2016; 11:00AM

All workshops will be held on the Medical School Campus, Dominion Towers, 1201-B.

Check out Yan Shi’s and Pingping Jia’s presentations at the 2016 ABRF conference:

ABRF Conference, 2016

Coral Gables Campus Core Facilities

Center for Advanced Microscopy, College of Arts & Sciences

Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory, College of Arts & Sciences

Zebrafish Core Facility, College of Arts & Sciences

Tissue Culture Core Facility, College of Arts & Sciences

Stable Isotope Core Facility, College of Arts & Sciences

Molecular Core Facility, College of Arts & Sciences

Imaging Core Facility, College of Arts & Sciences

X-Ray Crystallography Resources, College of Arts & Sciences

Electronics Shop, College of Arts & Sciences

Computational Resources, Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences

Center for Supramolecular Science, College of Arts & Sciences

NMR Laboratory, College of Arts & Sciences

Neuroimaging Facility, College of Arts & Sciences

Prototyping Facility, College of Engineering

Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Air-Sea Interaction Salt Water Tank

Aplysia Facility

Stable Isotope Laboratory

Tritium Laboratory

Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing

F.G. Walton Smith

Marine Technology & Life Sciences Seawater Complex

SUSTAIN: SUrge-STructure-Atmosphere INteraction Facility

Broad Key Research Station

Marine Technology Group

Miller School of Medicine

For information on Core Facilities in the Miller School of Medicine, please visit the RIM website.

Information for Core Directors

Roundtable Discussions
Core Directors of UM facilities are invited to attend bi-monthly Roundtable Discussions to network with other Directors of Core Facilities, hear about other cores and discuss best practices. Each Roundtable includes a 30 minutes presentation from one of the Core Directors, and 30 minutes of discussion.
Roundtables are typically held at the Miller School campus, with video-links to the other campuses.

Calculation of Rates
Billing Rate Template For additional information contact Lionel Vera.


Please remember to acknowledge the contributions of the core facilities in your publications, abstracts, presentations, posters, and grant proposals. It is standard practice to provide explicit thanks for simple fee-for-service work by inclusion in an Acknowledgements section. In some cases, core managers/staff provide expertise, advice, and/or technical innovation that makes them candidates for authorship; these issues should be considered carefully and discussed as early in the process as practicable.

National Resources

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