Neural Engineering

The Neural Engineering group is an interdisciplinary group of faculty led by Dr. Dalton Dietrich and Dr. Ozcan Ozdamar.

To promote successful collaborations between members of the Clinical, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering Communities at UM. This Institute will build on currently active collaborations between laboratories on the Coral Gables and Medical School Campuses and provide the necessary infrastructure to make this a successful program. Space, equipment and key personnel will be provided to help move innovative programs seeking solutions to neural, sensory, motor and behavioral disorders. The Institute will also help attract the next generation of outstanding faculty and students who are interested in using Neural Engineering for targeting Human Disease and Neurological Disorders. These programs will help generate new NIH and DOD grant applications as well as allow UM to compete for previously untapped funding opportunities.

This group has formed an Executive Planning Committee that is meeting on regular intervals.

Funding Opportunities through the NIH BRAIN Initiative can be found here.
Other funding opportunities in Neural Engineering can be found in the GRANT CALENDAR.

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